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The smoothest way to your Golden Passport.

Baseflow streamlines Golden Passports and Golden Visas so you can become a citizen in forward-looking countries.

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With a Golden Passport, the world is at your fingertips.

Forward-looking countries offer citizenship to talented and wealthy individuals who invest in the country's economy to become part of their citizen base.

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Acquire a new citizenship

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Avoid political instability

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Optimize your tax burden

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Increase your travel freedom

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Move to another country

Now more than ever, global citizens are widening their passport and residency options to become sovereign.


· Angel Investor

"Cash is king. But passport is queen."

Benefits of dual citizenship

Citizenship is an asset

The citizenship that you hold is as important as which hedge fund, bonds, or bank account you would have traditionally stored wealth in.

Career and education opportunities

A strong citizenship unlocks business opportunities when you need it most and gives access to world-class education institutions.

A safe haven for you and your family

Secure a safe haven in times of political unrest, ensuring a serene and stable environment for you and your family members.

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A legacy spanning generations

Hold lifelong citizenship and pass it down for generations – ensuring a prosperous and free future for you and your family members.

Tax benefits and financial stability

Benefit from favorable business and tax environments enabling you to safeguard your wealth and optimize taxes for your long-term financial prosperity.

Unlock global mobility

Get worldwide visa-free access enabling you to travel without friction. A second passport opens up doors to China, Singapore, the Schengen Area, Canada, and Australia among others.

Popular citizenship by investment programs

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the only ALL-IN-ONE platform


A place you can trust.

We stand by the highest legal standards and rely on seasoned experts so you stay safe and compliant.

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₿lunt pricing (that's simple).

No extra charges or surprise fees. Choose your favorite payment method, including crypto.

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Streamlined, yet personal.

Get a dedicated citizen-success specialist and 24/7 support. We even help you make appointments, so you feel less stressed and get back valuable time.

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The fastest CBI experience ever.

We guide you through every step and seamlessly handle the rest. Using AI to automatically generate all your forms, we'll save you over 100 hours on a single CBI.

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Baseflow lock security

Baseflow is secure and private by default.

End the data leaks

End to end encryption means no one (not even Baseflow) will have the means to access your data without your permission. At Baseflow, privacy isn’t a promise, it’s a mathematical guarantee.

Swiss privacy laws

Baseflow is based in Switzerland.
All user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

Military-grade security

Stay secure with multi-factor authentication, biometric support, and 100% fraud protection.

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how it works

Get started in a few clicks.

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Available by invite only.

Apply now to get started and enjoy a personalized onboarding for a limited time.

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step 1

Apply to start your journey on Baseflow

Baseflow is available by invite only. Spend some minutes filling in a bit of information — we'll guide you through the essentials and find the best program for you.

step 2

Submit your citizenship application

Receive your welcome package, sign the paperwork, and submit your citizenship application.

step 3

Get approved by the CBI unit

Wait the standard 12-weeks processing time to get your application approved by the government.

step 4

Make the qualifying investment

Make the investment in real estate or contribution to a fund and sign the oath of affirmation.

step 5

Receive your new citizenship and passport

You'll receive your new passport and become a citizen with full rights in your country of choice.


Pricing as clear as the Caribbean waters.

Flat 10%

· platform fee

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Calculate total cost

We charge a 10% flat fee of the total cost of your Citizenship by Investment program, which varies depending on the country and route you choose. Includes:

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Assistance on the application submission.

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Templates and documentation created by world-class legal professionals.

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Legal and administrative fees to obtain any documents required for your citizenship application.

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Notarization with Apostille on all documents required. Avoid paying $1,000-$5,000 in unexpected fees.

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Lifetime access to our streamlined platform to manage your citizenships, passport renewals, residencies, and more.

Government fees, registered agent fees, and investment options start at $100k.

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Doug Antin
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The @baseflow team has been going viral a lot lately. For me - it signals validation of an important trend.

Interest is accelerating for Citizenship by Investment programs as a way for individuals to secure self sovereignty & as a way for countries to attract foreign financial & intellectual capital.Pay attention to this team & their products/services. They're ahead of the curve on something big.

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Esteban Vargas
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Colombianos: Para protegerse del nuevo gobierno los invito a mirar @baseflow

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George Harrap
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I dont wanna email some dude back and forth for 2 months, I dont wanna get on a call with anyone, I dont wanna not have fees said upfront on the website, I dont wanna email some muppet to know the status.

If @baseflow @alexrecouso can do that, just online dashboard, its a win.

Farhaj Mayan
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bullish on @networkstateco

@alexrecouso and team are doing the hard work to build the rails that help talented humans creating & capturing value digitally to unlock the mobility they deserve!!

Nico Capital 💸
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This seems very cool actually Well done @alexrecouso

Demonic Cil
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The smoothest way to your new passport.

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investment OPTIONS

Residency by Investment

Residency programs let wealthy individuals relocate and enjoy living, working, studying, and accessing healthcare with best-in-class investor visas.

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Golden Visas

Unlock global opportunities with golden visa programs, enabling high-net-worth individuals to relocate and become citizens in their new home countries.

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Golden Passports and CBI

Obtain a second citizenship with investment programs, enabling visa-free travel and settlement rights in forward-looking jurisdictions.

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