Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Baseflow, where the allure of Antigua and Barbuda calls through an exclusive pathway to citizenship. Immerse yourself in our of collection of premium properties, from elegant oceanfront villas to secluded resort havens. At Baseflow, every property is a carefully curated masterpiece, meticulously chosen to guarantee eligibility for the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program. Your path to a new citizenship begins with Baseflow, the smoothest Citizenship by Investment experience in the world.

Dominica Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Options

What to know before purchasing Real Estate in Antigua and Barbuda.

As part of the Citizenship by Investment, you might be eligible for a Antigua and Barbuda passport if your real estate investment meets certain criteria.

USD $200k minimum investment, 5-year holding period

A minimum investment of USD $200k in a government-approved real estate project is required. You have the flexibility to either make a sole purchase of the property or engage in a joint investment, where each applicant invests a minimum of USD $200k. After a period of 5 years of ownership, the acquired real estate can be freely sold.

Tax advantages and stable investment climate

With a legal system based on English common law, ease of ownership, outstanding value, and attractive tax incentives. You can be sure that your real estate investment will be secure in Antigua and Barbuda.

2-5% rental Income opportunity

As the Caribbean tourism sector continues to flourish, it opens doors for you to make exceptional returns on your investment. As a point of reference, anticipate potential rental income ranging from 2-5% of the property's value each year. Please note that this is not financial advice, but a glimpse into what your property could provide.

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Smooth citizenship application process

Antigua and Barbuda doesn’t restrict dual citizenship; meaning you can hold it along with your current citizenship(s). Just select the real estate investment route on Baseflow, and we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you obtain both your new passport and new property seamlessly.

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Include your family

The perfect choice for a large family, Antigua & Barbuda presents an exceptional opportunity to include your: Spouse, dependant children (under 31, including their spouse and children), parents and grandparents ages 55 and over, Unmarried siblings of the main applicant and/or their spouse of any age.

Strategic Caribbean location. Global mobility.

With direct flights from major cities including New York, Miami, London, and Frankfurt. Have the peace of mind that your slice of paradise is within arms reach. A passport from Antigua and Barbuda unlocks freedom with visa-free travel to over 150 countries, including the United Kingdom, Europe’s Schengen Area, and Canada.


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