Portugal residency by investment program

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Photo of Portugal
Photo of Portugal
Photo of Portugal
Portugal Map
name: portugal
capital: lisbon
population: 10,467,366
language: portuguese
timezone: utc (Wet)
currency: euro (€)
flag: 🇵🇹
coordinates: 38°46′N 9°9′W

World-class residency at your fingertips.

Forward-looking countries like Portugal are seeking talented and wealthy individuals to become part of their citizenship base.

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Acquire a new citizenship, avoid political instability, optimize tax burden, increase your travel freedom, settle in another country, and more!

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Benefits of Portuguese residency

Forward-looking countries are seeking talented and wealthy individuals to become part of their citizenship base.

Fast track to an EU passport

Live up to 5 years in Portugal before becoming a permanent resident and opt to citizenship.

Tax and remote friendly

Under the NHR program for special tax benefits, self employment (freelancing) and employment are considered as high value professions are taxed at 20%

No minimum stay requeriment

EU citizens won't need a Visa, or rent or own a house.

English-speaking country

Portuguese are ranked #7 in English profiency, putting them in the top of non-native English speakers worldwide.

Safe and healthy lifestyle

With its mild year-round climate and clean air, great trails, pathways, Portugal is ideal for active people looking to walk, go for hikes or running.

Visa-free travel

Get visa-free access or visa-on-arrival to 144 countries, including China, Europe, and the Schengen Area.

Eligibility and investment options

Forward-looking countries are seeking talented and wealthy individuals to become part of their citizenship base.

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🌎  For non-EU citizens

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How to get Portugese residency

A really easy process. Get going in about 10 minutes.

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We don't do consultancy or provide legal/financial advice, but you can book a demo with our sales team to review the eligibility requirements and answer any questions about Portuguese residency and how Baseflow works.

step 2


Spend 10 minutes filling in a bit of information — we'll guide you through the essentials of what's needed and handle the rest. Sign a power of attorney so our lawyers can create the legal documents, file the paperwork, and apply for your Tax ID number (NIF).

step 3

Residency setup

Go to Portugal to receive your residency certificate. We'll finish registering your legal and tax address and applying for NHR after that.

Pricing as clear as the Algarve waters.

No extra charges or surprise fees. Choose your favorite payment method, including crypto.

Pre-Order for $100

· fully refundable

You can pre-order your passport for $100. This secures your spot in the Portuguese residency program as launch nears. You also get immediate access to our platform to start your application right away.

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