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Luis Cuende

Matthew Pajares-Yngson joins Baseflow's Advisory Board

Baseflow helps people become citizens and residents in forward-looking countries. Some of these most promising countries are in the Caribbean and in Southeast Asia — regions that are positioned to become global hubs and attract some of the most talented and wealthy individuals from all over the world.

Matthew Pajares-Yngson is one of the most experienced diplomats strengthening the relationships between the Caribbean and Southeast Asian regions.

Matthew is joining our advisory board to strengthen our relationship with these countries and help them become even more competitive attracting foreign investment.

Matthew is the Representative Councillor of the Caribbean ASEAN Council, and Diplomatic Affairs Envoy of the Eastern Caribbean-Southeast Asia Chamber, an organization recognized by the United Nations through the UN-OHRLLS. He is also the Trade and Commerce Liaison of the Consulate of Guyana in the Philippines which is the only diplomatic mission of Guyana in Southeast Asia.

Caribbean ASEAN Council

He holds a Doctorate in Professional Studies in International Relations and Diplomacy, and a Master of Arts in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy. He is also the Royal Ambassador of The 35th Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo and was bestowed the princely title of "Rajah of Tambulian Island" for his humanitarian work in supporting the Tausug people of the Sulu Archipelago. Matthew is the author of Hidden Treasures: Business Opportunities in Island Countries.

Luis Cuende

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