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Alex Recouso

The fastest way to your new citizenship? A single kickoff session

Unread emails. Disorganized folders. And endless sensitive documents — overwhelming you before you can even navigate an already hard-to-understand citizenship application.

Your CBI experience can be extremely stressful. But it could be the opposite: streamlined, secure, and totally free from clutter. All you need is a new way of doing things!

That's why we take the time to onboard customers individually to Baseflow — the best CBI experience ever made. Our investment migration experts give you the perfect setup, and show you how to get through your citizenship application lightning fast.

Here's how we run onboardings at Baseflow, and how we transform stress into smoothness in just 30 minutes…

Meet your citizen-success specialist

The last thing you need is another meeting in your calendar, right? But like a personal training session, your Baseflow onboarding is an investment. These 30 minutes will save you hundreds of hours on your CBI application.

Each session is tailored by our Onboarding Specialists: investment migration experts who live and breathe citizenship by investment.

We set up your CBI application to be perfect for you. We show you tips and tricks to get all your documents. And we teach you how to communicate with your licensed local government agent, so you can unlock extreme efficiency (more on that soon)!

Find out how Baseflow can help you get through your citizenship application faster than ever.

Baseflow to Saint Lucia

Customizing Citizenship by Investment to your unique needs

Getting a new citizenship by investment is hard, but it starts with a supportive environment. That's why joining Baseflow begins with booking an onboarding session: we introduce you to tools that make it easy to get through your citizenship application faster than ever — cheering you on the whole way!

The first thing we do is listen. Are you a solo applicant and you want the most visa-free travel, or you care about safeguarding your family against political instability? We'll find the right CBI program for you!

Then, we build a plan — helping you obtain all the documents and submit the information required to get you through your CBI application faster than ever, and supporting you every step of the way.

It might feel daunting to share your screen. But onboarding calls are fully encrypted, and you're in the driver's seat: you navigate Baseflow while we show you how to save time.

Almost everyone we bring onboard Baseflow thinks their citizenship application is the most difficult, chaotic one we've ever seen. And they're almost always delighted when they see how quickly they can get approved.

Taking your CBI experience to the next level.

So your onboarding has finished. How do you finish your application blazingly fast — without ending up stuck on missing documents or incorrect information?

There's a sure-fire way of succeeding at your application: your citizen-success specialist. The personal relationship you build in your onboarding session doesn't end when your 30 minutes are up. We'll follow up to see how you're doing — and you can reach out to us any time for support.

What to Expect in your Baseflow Onboarding

Your onboarding session is a 1:1 call with an expert on Citizenship by Investment. It's 30 minutes long, and it will cut the time you spend on your citizenship application by 80%.

  1. Reserve a video call — at a time that suits you.
  2. Share your goals and pain points — we'll create the perfect setup for you.
  3. Learn to use Baseflow — we'll quickly show you how to fly through your CBI application.
  4. Start using Baseflow — submit your information and get your new citizenship as soon as possible.
  5. Stay in touch after the call — our white-glove service continues long after your onboarding!

Alex Recouso

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