Baseflow helps your forward-looking country connect with its global diaspora.

Real estate investment options in St. Kitts and Nevis

At Baseflow, we've created the world's fastest Citizenship by Investment platform – which already helps more than 7 countries attract +$20B in foreign direct investment and global talent.

We're actively working to launch new offerings beyond citizenship, to help your country create and connect with a global diaspora of new citizens.

The fastest citizenship platform.

Baseflow streamlines all processes to create the most efficient experience. We even use AI to automatically generate citizenship forms, saving hundreds of hours to both citizens and governments.

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Secure and private by default.

Baseflow is based in Switzerland, and all user data is protected by Swiss privacy laws. End to end encryption means no one (not even Baseflow) will have the means to access data without permission.


Attract talent and wealth.
Create more jobs.

Leverage growth opportunities in the digital economy, attract global companies, and boost knowledge transfer by hosting young and talented entrepreneurs.

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Diversify your economy.

Create diverse sources of foreign investment for your country, beyond tourism and leisure. Incentivize business formation, economic developments, and financial services.

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Leverage your global diaspora.

Leverage your community of new citizens that will come back home and invest further into the economy. Enrich your citizenship base with talented and wealthy individuals.