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Valletta, Malta
name: malta
capital: valletta
population: 403,000
language: english, MALTESE
timezone: gmt+2 (cest)
currency: euro (€)
flag: 🇲🇹
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Maltese citizenship at your fingertips.

Forward-looking countries like Malta are seeking talented and wealthy individuals to become part of their citizenship base. The Maltese Citizenship Act limits the number of certificates granted to 400 yearly and 1,500 in total, making it the most exclusive program in the world.

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Benefits for Malta passport holders.

Discover the benefits of second citizenship with one of the most sought-after European passports.

Settlement rights in an EU country

As a member state of the European Union, the citizens of Malta have a privileged status in Europe. Additionally, citizenship is lifelong and will be passed down to future generations.

Mediterranean lifestyle

Malta is an attractive place to own a second home and enjoy a high quality of life. It's strategically located, with a great healthcare system and an international airport with excellent air links.

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Family members included

Investment applicants can include their parents (no need to be dependent parents), spouse, and children in the main application.

The Maltese government is stable and reliable

Malta is a transparent and reputable financial center with great international business jurisdiction.

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Reputable dual citizenship

As the only European Citizenship by Investment program, Malta has the world’s strictest due diligence standards, making it the passport of choice for high-net-worth individuals and wealthy foreign investors.

Visa-free travel in the European Union and +186 countries.

As EU citizens, Maltese citizens get visa-free access or visa-on-arrival to more than 186 countries, including the European Union, other European countries, and the Schengen Area.

Eligibility for Maltese citizenship by investment.

Check your eligibility and available investment routes for Maltese citizenship by investment.

🥇  Main applicant requirements

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💙  Family member requirements

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💸 Direct investment

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🏡  Real estate investment

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💧  Donation

INVESTMENT requirement
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📍  Permanent Residency

residency requirement
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How to apply for a Maltese passport: Citizenship application process.

The Maltese government entity responsible for administering and processing all Maltese citizenship-related matters is the Community Malta Agency. The Naturalisation for Exceptional Services application by Direct Investment is thoroughly checked and undergoes a four-tier due diligence process.

step 1

Get an invite to Baseflow and pre-order.

Spend some minutes filling in a bit of information, get an invite, and receive a tailored onboarding. We'll guide you through the essentials and review your eligibility for the Maltese citizenship by investment program.

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Start your application

We'll complete the initial background check and due diligence checks. You'll pay the Tier 1 due diligence fees and administrative fees to the government Community Malta Agency.

step 3

Submit your residency application

Once the due diligence has been approved, your application for a Maltese residence permit will be submitted to the Community Malta Agency.

step 4

Your residency permit is approved

You'll receive your Malta residency permit, allowing you to live and work there.

step 5

Submit your citizenship application

Your citizenship eligibility application is submitted to the Community Malta Agency. Due diligence checks (Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4) are completed, and the application is presented to the minister.

step 6

Your citizenship application is approved

The Minister approves you to apply for citizenship, and the citizenship application is submitted after the minimum residence period. The Community Malta Agency updates its due diligence, and the Minister decides on your Maltese citizenship.

step 7

Investment and Oath of Allegiance

After the standard processing time, you fulfill the exceptional investment, donation, and property requirements. The government of Malta requires proof of fulfilling these requirements. You will be invited to visit Malta and take the oath of allegiance.


Receive your Maltese passport

Your Maltese certificate of naturalization is issued, and you become a full-righted member of the European Union. The Community Malta Agency will keep conducting continuous monitoring for five years.

Pricing as clear as the waters of Valletta.

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Flat 10%

· platform fee

We charge a 10% flat fee of the total cost of your Citizenship by Investment program, which varies depending on the country and route you choose. This includes:

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Assistance on the application submission.

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Templates and documentation created by world-class legal professionals.

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Lifetime access to our streamlined platform to manage your citizenships, passport renewals, residencies, and more.

Government fees, registered agent fees, and investment options start at $100k.

FAQs about Malta's CBI program

Find answers to the 10 most common questions about Malta's CBI.

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What documents do I need to get citizenship in Malta?

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Does Malta allow dual citizenship?

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